High-Tech Contact Lens Study

What originally seemed like a science fiction dream seems to be getting closer to reality. Contact lenses have been around for over 100 years providing convenient, and necessary for some, vision to a great portion of our population. Today scientists are looking beyond the functional vision correction of contact lenses and focussing on finding even more techonologically advanced uses. In this article you can find some of the topics being researched. For example, imagine a blood-glucose monitoring system that can monitor 24-7 live glucose levels for people with diabetes simply by wearing a contact lens. Or, the ability to record a persons point-of-view through a video capturing contact lens. Other uses being considered include automated drug delivery, augmented reality, corneal healing, telescopic zoom and more. 

We at Koetting Eye Center are a part of a national clinical trial studying these contact lenses. We are looking for current contact lens wearers who would like to be among the first to trial the material make-up of these lenses. This trial offers compensation for your time. Please contact our office if you are interested in being part of this research study. 

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