Primary Services

Koetting Eye Center is a full service eyecare practice that has long been recognized as a leader in the field of contact lenses, as well as refractive surgery and high quality fashion eyeware. As a leader, we are often asked to participate in FDA clinical trials to evaluate new contact lens materials, solutions and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the doctors at Koetting Eye Center are providers for many vision and medical insurance plans.

To determine the health of your eyes, your examination includes:

  • Retinal evaluations for diabetes and hypertension
  • Visual fields to detect glaucoma or brain tumors
  • Automatic computer refractions to determine your exact prescription
  • Corneal topography analysis for contact lenses and laser vision surgery
  • Comprehensive patient eye history
  • Prescription for distance, intermediate and near vision
  • External eye health examination
  • Internal eye health examination
  • Intraocular pressure check for glaucoma
  • Near focusing
  • Binocular vision

Optical Options

Based upon the results of your examination, your doctor will help you decide the best vision correction option for you.

Eyeglasses- The most up-to-date and exclusive eye wear selections.
Contact lenses- Custom fitting.
Vision Correction- The latest technology and personalized service.

Vision Conditions and Eye Diseases


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