Fall 2010

   What's New at The Koetting Associates?

The Ever Changing World of Contact Lenses:  A few months ago our practice was asked to participate in a clinical trial for a new contact lens. This particular lens combines a rigid lens center and a silicone based soft lens skirt in the periphery. This unique design allows for the crisp vision a hard contact lens may provide combined with the comfort of a soft lens, while delivering an optimum supply of oxygen to the eye. Well the lenses, named "Duette", are now approved for use and we are one of the first practices in our area to offer the lenses. If you think this design might be right for you please call for an appointment. Currently there are some restrictions in available parameters, so we would be happy to discuss if you are a candidate at this time.

Website Updates:  We are in the process of making some changes to our website that we hope you will find helpful. There will be some changes to the look and the added feature of on-line appointment scheduling. As you may know, you may already order your replacement contact lenses on our website and we hope the appointment feature will be an added convenience for you.

Eyewear Event:  We are planning two Eyewear Event this fall. On November 3 we will be featuring the extensive and beautiful lines of Fendi and Calvin Klein frames. Of course snacks and refreshments will be served and our skilled opticians will be available to answer all your questions. We will post updates and details on Facebook as the date gets closer. You may bring in a valid prescription that day or, if you need an appointment for an eye examination please call now at 314-863-0000. Also, just in time for the holidays, we will be holding an additional  Eyewear Event on Wednesday, December3 featuring Oakley prescription and non-prescription sunwear. These quality and stylish designs are very popular with young people as well as adults. Please plan to join us for these exciting events.

The Fall Means the Holidays are Right Around the Corner:  Most of us don't like to think about it yet, but it is true, the holdiays will be here before we know it! If you are an early planner don't forget that gift cards are available in our office that may be used for any product or service, including non-prescription sunglasses. What would be better than to give the "gift of sight"? Also, during the holidays our schedule begins to fill with students returning from college. If you know your college student will be needing an appointment call early to reserve a day and time.


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