Fall 2011

What's New at The Koetting Associates?

An Icon Remembered:  As many of you know by now our founder, Dr. Robert A. Koetting, passed away this past August. Dr. Koetting was truly a pioneer in the field of contact lenses, limiting his practice to the relatively new correction device back in 1961. To show what a forward thinker he was, at that time only about 1% of the population was wearing contact lenses and very few doctors were fitting them. Dr. Koetting was an extremely active member of the optometric profession as he served in many organizations, lectured world-wide and was a noted author. He continued to do many of these things long after he retired from active practice in 1986. Dr. Koetting is the only person to have simultaneously chaired the Cornea and Contact Lens Section of the American Academy of Optometry and the Contact Lens Section of the American Optometric Association. In 1995 he received the Chancellor's Medallion from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Four years later Dr. Koetting received the American Optometric Association's highest recognition, the Distinguished Service Award and in 2000, he was honored with the Emminent Service Award fron the American Academy of Optometry. He has scholarships established in his name at the University of Missouri-St. Louis College of Optometry as well as St. Louis University.

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 More New Developments in Contact Lenses: The contact lens industry is exploding with new developments. Some of the latest things to become available include several new multifocal lens designs developed for people who require reading glasses or bifocals. In addition, The Koetting Associates has been working with scleral lenses especially for some of our patients with special needs. These "oversized" rigid lenses provide excellent vision and comfort for people who have a condition know as keratoconus in which the cornea is thinned and distorted. Because the lenses cover a larger area there is very little lens movement and thus improved comfort.

Is There a Difference with Generic Contact Lens Solutions?  Absolutely!!! Success with contact lens depends on many factors including the solutions you use to care for your lenses. Many of today's soft lenses contain silicone to allow for increased oxygen permeability and, as a result, do not stay moist with some older technology solutions. Older technology is often what you are purchasing when you reach for a generic brand solution. Once again, you get what you pay for! If you have any questions as to what solution is best suited for you and your particular contact lenses, please call our office at 314-863-0000.

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