Spring 2012

                                                                  What's New at The Koetting Associates?

Coming Soon: "Visioffice": The Koetting Associates is excitedly awaiting the arrival of "Visioffice", a revolutionary new computerized piece of equipment which will allow us to offer the most precise and individualized visual correction ever when it comes to no-line (progressive) bifocals. "Visioffice" is the first and only universal measuring system designed to obtain every possible parameter needed for today's individualized lenses. This unique measuring system will allow us to provide our patients the most precise vision possible, no matter where they look through the lens--instantly and effortlessly. We hope to be able to offer this breakthrough technology by sometime this summer.

More Exciting Updates to Our Website: We hope you will visit our video library which we have added on the main tool bar of our website's home page. You will be able to learn about virtually any eye condition and many surgical and vision correction options. For example, you will be able to learn about cataracts, cataract surgery, LASIK and much, much more. Of course, please don't be your own doctor and attempt to self-diagnose. If you have concerns about your eyes or your vision it would be best if you would call our office (or schedule on-line) and schedule an appointment to see one of our doctors.

News About Our Doctors : Dr. Carmen Castellano and Dr. Joe Castellano recently attended the Heart of America Contact  Lens and Primary Care Congress in Kansas City. This conference discusses the latest in contact lens treatments and general eye health care. Dr. Carmen Castellano has also joined the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Italian Open Golf Tournament for Charities. This forty year-old event has contributed a tremendous amount of money over the years to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and countless children's charities here in the St. Louis area. He has also been asked to serve on the Industry Relations committee of the American Optometric Association.

Spring May Be Springing Early This Year: Due to the our unusually mild winter it appears the allergy season is going to get off to an early and potentially wicked start this year. There are a number of new eye drops available that can help keep patients comfortable and able to wear their contact lenses through the allergy season. If you begin experiencing problems with your eyes during this time please give us a calll at 314-863-0000 to schedule an appointment.

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