Winter 2016


 What's New At Koetting Eye Center? 

Best Wishes for 2017!!  As we begin the New Year we at Koetting Eye Center would like to wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous 2017! And when it comes to health, don't forget about your eyes. Sure, we all associate healthy eyes with good vision, but many conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration may occur with little or no immediate effect on vision. And, the earlier they are caught, the better the chance of a good visual outcome. Plan now for 2017 and schedule your eye exam by calling us at 314-863-0000.


More Options for Dry Eyes:  The same way the cold dry air of winter causes our skin to dry, it can also have an uncomfortable effect on our eyes. Burning, itching and a gritty feeling can be symptoms of dry eye. In addition, though it sounds contradictory, excessive tearing might also be a clue that one is suffering from dry eye. The good news is we now have more options to treat this frustrating condition. Several new contact lenses are now available to help restore moisture to the ocular surface and a new prescription eye drop called Xiidra is helping many patients. If you believe you are experiencing dry eye please contact our office for an appointment at 314-863-0000.


A Great Time to Consider Contact Lenses:  Whether you've tried contact lenses in the past or have never worn them, now is a great time to consider this convenient form of vision correction. Newer and better designs allow us to better manage astigmatism, the need for bifocals, the option of part-time wear and even problems associated with dry eye. Ask for more details the next time you're in our office.


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