Summer 2017

What’s New at Koetting Eye Center?


A New Satellite OfficeBy now you may have heard that Koetting Eye Center has opened a new satellite office in the Wildwood area. We are hoping this will help us attract new patients to our Koetting family 

      who may not have had the opportunity to visit us in the past. The new location is at 113 Old State Road, Suite 101, Ellisville, MO 63021. The phone number is 636-256-7800. If you have friends who live in the

      Wildwood, Eureka or Washington areas, and they have not had the opportunity to visit us in the past, we would love the opportunity to help them with their eye care.


Total Solar EclipseA solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks any part of the sun and we will be lucky enough to experience a TOTAL solar eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017! The last time it is estimated a

      TOTAL solar eclipse occurred over St. louis was 1442. The next TOTAL solar eclipse over St. Louis will occur in 2505. Only twelve states will experience totality during the eclipse. Of course, looking directly

      at the sun is unsafe. The only safe way to view this phenomenon is through special filters called "eclipse glasses". Homemade filters or sunglasses (even very dark ones) are not safe for using to view the solar

      eclipse. Koetting Eye Center wants you to have a fun and safe viewing experience. We are pleased to offer complimentary pairs of eclipse glasses at our two locations. Please visit us for your free pair while

      our supply lasts. One pair per person please.


New Vision Insurance Plans Accepted:  Koetting Eye Center is happy to announce that our doctors are now providers of two new vision insurance plans to go along with the many that we have previously

      offered. Spectera and Advantica have now been added to the list. If you have either of these plans and have questions regarding your coverage, please give one of our Patient Services Assistants a call at




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