Foggy Glasses?

As we all do our civil duty of wearing masks to eliminate the horrible COVID-19 Pandemic, so many people are struggling with the constant fogging of their eye glasses. Fortunately, this frustrating disruption to your daily living has some remedies. Here are some great tips we have found to keep your eyeglasses crystal clear!

1. Try contact lenses! Many people today are trying contact lenses for the first time. There is no better way to avoid fogging than substituting your glasses for contact lenses.

2. Wear a mask with an adjustable wire across the top of the mask. This wire can be shaped to perfectly contour your cheeks so less air leaks out of the top when you exhale. 

3. Position your glasses in a way that the bottom of the glasses sits on top of the mask. This will push the mask closer to your cheeks and keep the air from traveling upwards.

4. Use anti-fog spray or wipes. Not all anti-fog cleaners are created equal. It may take a few tries before you land one that works well for you. If you choose to try this, be careful to select only cleaners that are approved for use on anti-reflective coatings.


If you are interested in taking the leap into trying contact lenses please reach out to our office for information. Here is a link to an article with a few extra does and don'ts to help mitigate the fog. 

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