Stay Safe this Holiday!


Perhaps you’ve seen the holiday movie: Ralph desperately wants a Red Rider BB gun for Christmas but is met with a disturbing refrain each time he mentions it.  “You’ll shoot your eye out!” says his mother, his teacher and even Santa himself! And lo and behold, when he finally gets the desired gift, he injures his eye and breaks his glasses. Most kids probably won’t get a BB gun this Christmas, but many will receive something that has the potential to be pretty dangerous.

Nerf guns come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and are extremely popular toys for kids and adults alike. However, there have been many safety issues regarding the toy guns that can leave parents feeling hesitant about purchasing them.

Nerf darts are soft and made of foam and not inherently dangerous, but if shot in the wrong way, they can cause corneal abraisions (scratches), bleeding, cataracts, and even retinal detachments due to the vulnerability of the eyes which can be easily damaged on impact. Ultimately the question of safety comes down to the user. Nerf guns can be a great tool to develop motor skills and coordination, they’re lots of fun, and with the right guidelines we can learn to use them safely and enjoy them.

One way to ensure safety is with safety glasses or goggles. It’s a good idea to wear safety eyewear during any play involving projectile objects, specifically for small children or during serious games like Nerf wars.

Some other good general rules for Nerf play include the following:

               Never shoot at the face.

               Never look into the barrel of the Nerf gun- even if you think it’s not loaded.

               Only shoot at others that are “playing” and are aware that you’re aiming at them.

               Don’t shoot at or from a moving vehicle.

               Do not walk around with your finger on the trigger- wait until you are ready to aim and shoot at

               your target.

               Do not shoot at close range.

               Any guns that shoot projectiles should be considered “dangerous” in order to ensure proper

               usage and precautions.

               Never leave a loaded Nerf gun within reach of a child or individual that is not able to use the toy

               safely and properly.

Accidents happen and eyes can be injured by many “harmless” objects as well as Nerf darts, but using proper safety precautions and good common sense, many accidents can be avoided and a lot of fun can be had.

Use discretion and consider the age and maturity of the child when selecting these types of toys, and have a safe and Happy Holiday!



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