Introducing We Love Eyes Products * Now at our Ellisville Location!!


Our Ellisville office is delighted to announce that we are carrying some very exciting new products!

Introducing- We Love Eyes – a unique and effective eyecare line founded by Optometrist, Dr. Tanya Gill in 2014 consisting of cleansing products formulated for patients suffering from dry, irritated, red eyelids and eyelid margins.

At Koetting Eye Center, we believe it’s important to offer comprehensive eyecare to our patients and these are exceptionally healthy and safe products for red eyes, irritated eyes, dry eyes, inflamed eyelids, styes and lash loss.  They are the perfect answer both for patients who wear eye makeup and for those who don’t but suffer with inflamed eyelids and styes.

 Due to the delicate nature of eyes, ingredients are critical. We are proud to be carrying We Love Eyes products because they provide healthier more thoughtful options than one might find at the drugstore, and they are organic, vegan, cruelty free, and contain no gluten, sodium lauryl sulfate or parabens.  Additionally, all products are free of artificial fragrances and colors and they are never tested on animals.

These products are now available only at our Ellisville office to try and for immediate purchase:

Super HA Micellar Water

Remove eye makeup with lush, supportive micelles in a sodium hyaluronic base (aka Super HA) to provide a gentle yet effective clean for all makeup types. Micelles are tiny particles that soak up dirt, oil and makeup like a sponge with no rinsing, harsh rubbing or residue. Hyaluronic Acid helps retain moisture making it one of the most effective ingredients for hydrating skin without irritating skin. It creates a protective barrier which helps to improve skin texture through moisture retention. It’s gentle and effective and can be used for all skin types. Packaged in a convenient aerosol pump bottle, it can be used with a cotton pad or pair it with our mascara removing brush loaded with 140,000 bristles to get the job done with the goal of limiting lash loss.


Tea Tree Eye Makeup Remover Oil

Sleeping in eye makeup contributes to dry eyes and contact lens discomfort. Remove even waterproof mascara with zero preservatives and discover the benefits of Australian Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. The oil possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal properties. Can be used with a cotton pad or with our cleansing brush.


Lashfull Thinking Lash and Brow Cleansing Brush

Enjoy the comfort of this uniquely dome shaped brush and the surface area of 140,000 bristles with the goal of limiting eyelash and eyebrow loss while cleansing. Removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara with ease- use in combination with the Tea Tree Oil or Micellar water for the ultimate cleanse.


Stop by our Ellisville office today for more information and to try these amazing products for yourself.  They are available for immediate purchase.

Follow this link to learn more about Dr. Tanya Gill and the We Love Eyes product line:



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