Winter 2012

What's New at The Koetting Associates?


Flexible Spending Accounts: This is a great time of year to consider pre-tax dollars saved in your flexible spending account. For 2011 you only have until December 31 to utilize the funds you have set aside or risk losing them. What better way to make good use of these funds than to take care of your eyes? Examinations, contact lenses, eyeglasses and even LASIK surgery all qualify under thses plans. And, if you have used all of your 2011 funds, this is a great time to make plans for 2012. Funds you set aside for 2012 may be used anytine after January 1st. If you have any questions, or would like to be seen in our office prior to the end of the year, please call us at 314-863-0000.

Optifree PureMoist: Many of today's soft lens materials are made with silicone, a highly oxygen permeable material that has many physiological benefits for the eye. Silicone, however, reduces somewhat the surface wettability of lenses and the solutions you use can have a dramatic effect on the comfort of your contact lenses. Many of you who wear soft contacts have been using Optifree Replenish as your multi-purpose solution recommended by our office. If so, we are now recommending you use the latest Optifree product called Optifree PureMoist. This solution was designed specifically for today's soft lenses, providing excellent disinfection and improved surface wettability for longer lasting comfort. Remember, most all generic solutions are older technology and may not be providing optimum disinfection or wettability for your soft contact lenses. If you have any questions regarding what solution would be best for you, please call our office.

Genetic Testing for Macular Degeneration: Coming soon in 2012 The Koetting Associates will be offering genetic testing for the development of macular degeneration. This exciting breakthrough testing technology is easy (a simple cotton swab of the inside of your cheek) and is very predicatble for one's odds in developing macular degeneration in the future. Understanding better a specific patient's risk, and depending on other signs observed or other risk factors, we may be able to recommend closer follow-up or a vitamin supplement that might reduce the chances of macular disease being a sight threatening problem. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding this test at your next visit.

Electronic Medical Records: After months of preparation, electronic medical records are now a reality at The Koetting Associates. We truly appreciate your patience as we have been implementing this new system. In the long run, it will allow us to provide our patients with more thorough care and allow us to better communicate with other practitioners to coordinate your care as necessary. Though the majority of the work is done, we will still be experiencing some growing pains over the next few months and we thank you in advance for your continued patience.

Finally, we at The Koetting Associates wish you and yours and blessed holiday season and a happy and healthy 2012!!!!!!

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