Spring 2013

   What's New at The Koetting Associates?


Genetic Markers for Macular Degeneration: Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of visual loss in the elderly in the United States. Several genetic variants, as well as modifiable factors such as smoking, lower intake of dietary antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids, as well as higher body mass index (BMI) are known to be associated with higher rates of progression from the early to the advanced stages of AMD. At The Koetting Associates, we now have the ability to offer a simple in-office genetic test to determine a patient's chances of developing serious vision loss as a result of macular degeneration. This simple cheek swab is particularly helpful to patients who show very early signs of the disease. If you have concerns about macular degeneration or have a strong family history of the disease, ask one of our doctors about this exciting new development at your next visit to our office.

Upcoming Spring Events at The Koetting Associates: We are planning some fun events this spring at The Koetting Associates. First of all, stay tuned for details on another "Aloha Friday" to be held May 31st from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm. We will be featuring the extensive line of Maui Jim sunglasses just in time for warm outdoor activities. These high quality sun lenses are available in either prescription or non-prescription designs. We will also be planning a similar show featuring the beautiful Tura designs along with Ted Baker and Lulu Guiness frame lines. The date of this event will be forthcoming. Please watch our Facebook posts for updates as these events approach. Become a friend on Facebook and we will keep you informed.

High Definition Comes to Single Vision Spectacle Lenses: Recent developments have made it possible to offer patients needing progressive addition lenses very high quality vision produced by digitally surfaced and manufactured spectacle lenses. This latest technology is now available in single vision lenses (not bifocal) as well. This precise process allows for much less visual distortion, and an added benefit is it produces thinner, lighter lenses, even in higher prescriptions. Come by and ask one of our opticians about this exciting new development or feel free to learn more at your next eye examination.

A More Convenient Way for us to Communicate with You: As many of you already know, we are now able to communicate with you via email or text for things such as appointment reminders, confirmations and to let you know if ordered glasses or contact lenses have arrived. If you are not already utilizing this service and would like to take advantage of this feature, please call our office at 314-863-0000 and make sure we have your email address and/or cell phone number so we may get you opted into this service.

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