Summer 2013

What's New at The Koetting Associates? 

Breakthrough Technology in a Daily Disposable Contact Lens:  We are excited to announce the arrival of a new generation of soft contact lenses. Dailies Total 1 is a daily disposable lens that features “water gradient” technology. The center of the lens is made of a highly oxygen permeable material to promote excellent corneal physiology. The center then is encapsulated in a much higher water content material (80% water) that blends to a lubricating gel on the lens surface, mimicking the natural tear of the eye. The initial comfort of the lens is amazing and the lubricious surface allows it to be worn for long hours with minimal drying. The Koetting Associates is one of only a few practices in our area to offer this design at this time. Not all prescriptions are yet available, but if you think this technology sounds good to you, please call us at 314-863-0000 for more details.

The Harmful Effects of Some Blue Light:  Blue-turquoise light aids in your overall well-being, aiding in sleep/wake cycles, memory and basic mental functioning. Some blue light wavelengths (blue-violet) are harmful to retinal cells and may be one of the risk factors for the onset of macular degeneration. These potentially harmful wavelengths are emitted by LEDs (such as smart phones) as well as other sources. The good news is that a new spectacle lens treatment will soon be available that can protect your eyes from these harmful rays. Crizal Prevencia No-Glare lenses work in three ways: by selectively filtering out harmful Blue-Violet and UV light, by allowing beneficial light to pass through and by maintaining excellent transparency for optimal vision at all times. Ask about these lenses the next time you visit our office.

Remember to take Advantage of a More Convenient Method of Communication:  We would be happy to communicate with you by email or text for appointment reminders, confirmations and to let you know if ordered glasses or contacts have arrived. Many of you are already taking advantage of this service but, if you are not and would like to, please call us at 314-863-0000 to set it up.

Our Doctors in the News: Dr. Joe Castellano was recently inducted as the Treasurer of the St. Louis Optometric Society for the 2013-14 year. The installation dinner was held at the Kemp Auto Museum in Chesterfield Valley. Dr. Carmen Castellano will be attending the annual Congress of the American Optometric Association in June in San Diego. Dr. Castellano is one of only five optometrists nationally to serve on the AOA's Industry Relations Committee.

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