Fall 2013


Diabetes and Your Eyes:  The number of people being diagnosed with diabetes is on the rise and for those individuals it is extremely important to have regular eye exams. Diabetes may affect the eyes in a number of ways. Sometimes, prior to a person being officially diagnosed, there may be severe changes in vision as the blood sugar rises. Once diagnosed and treatment begins, these changes generally go back to baseline. The next concern with diabetes and the eyes may be seen as time goes on. As diabetes is a disesase that may affect the fine blood vessels in the body, the vessels in the back of the eye may bleed or leak causing very serious vision damage. A thorough eye exam for a patient with diabetes should include a dilated retinal exam. If you are being treated for diabetes or are experiencing unexplained swings in vision, please call for an appointment.

A Different Kind of Contact Lens:  Dailies Total 1 has now been a part of our practice for the past few months. This breakthrough contact lens material features "water gradient" technology and represents a new generation of contact lens material. The center of this daily disposable lens is made of a highly oxygen permeable material to promote excellent corneal physiology. The center is then encapsulated in a much higher water content material (80% water) that blends to a lubricating gel on the lens surface, mimicking the natural tear of the eye. The initial comfort of the lens is amazing and the lubricious surface allows it to be worn for long hours with minimal drying. This technology has proven to be very helpful for patients with dry eye problems. As is the case with many new designs, the lens is available in most but not all prescriptions at this time, but if you think this technology sounds good for you, please call us at 314-863-0000 for more details.

The Harmful Effects of Some Blue Light:  Blue-turquoise light aids in your overall well-being, aiding in sleep/wake cycles, memory and basic mental functioning. Some blue light wavelengths (blue-violet) are harmful to retinal cells and may be one of the risk factors for the onset of macular degeneration. These potentially harmful wavelengths are emitted by LEDs (such as smart phones) as well as other sources. The good news is that a new spectacle lens treatment is available that can protect your eyes from these harmful rays. Crizal Provencia No-Glare lenses work in three ways; by selectively filtering out harmful Blue-Violet and UV light, by allowing beneficial light to pass through and by maintaining excellent transparency for optimal vision at all times. Ask about these lenses next time you visit our office.

It's Never Too Late and It's Never Too Early!!!  If the back to school rush got the best of you and you did not get around to having your students' eyes examined, it is not too late. Much of how a child learns is dependent on their eyes and their vision, so it is important to know that there are no problems. There is still plenty of time this fall to bring your child in for an examination. Also, it is not too early to begin thinking about the holiday rush we often see as students return from college and have a limited time at home. Feel free to call now and reserve an appointment for your college student over their winter break. And, for that matter, don't forget to consider a pair of Maui Jim or Oakley sunglasses, or a gift card from The Koetting Associates as a great holiday gift!

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